In the heart of Aix en Provence.
    Siana welcomes you in its aesthetic naturist, unique space in the region and offers you:

    It's the hands soft and expert of your beautician naturist and graduate status, you can confidently and in mutual nudity, let you go to enjoy his passion for naturism and its know-how in aesthetics.

    In this context cocooning in warm colours, the scents and distant music, you can take time to relax and get back into beauty like nowhere else.

    Nirvana Institute being a naturist, setting for all the care you will be naked and your aesthetician will be nude.
    However, at your request and for most of the care , If you are not at ease with the nudity but you want to take advantage of the excellence of our care, your beautician may be dressed and your privacy will be preserved in the same way as in a traditional beauty Institute.

    (1) terms: naturist massage, well-being massages, massage, are used here for convenience of language but they designate only the aesthetic massages of comfort without purpose medical or sexual. Modeling means any external superficial maneuver performed on the skin of the face and the human body in an exclusively aesthetic purpose and comfort, excluding any medical and therapeutic purpose. This maneuver can be either manual, possibly to ensure penetration of a cosmetic product, is facilitated by a cosmetic device.


    Schedules :

    13 h to 21 h

    from Tuesday to Saturday.

    By appointment


    Any appointment unconfirmed by a response to the SMS reminder before 10: 00 on the day of the appointment will be cancelled automatically.

    Closing :

    Sunday, Monday

    and all public holidays.

    Means of payment :

    Credit card or cash.

    Address :

    4, PEYRESC Street

    13100, Aix-en-Provence

    Access plan: